A sleek, Cloud-based digital collections solution: MONTAGE offers cost-effective,
online storage of your exclusive data, allowing collections to be developed and shared online instantaneously.

Easy, fast setup

Upload your digital documents, photos, and archives in a matter of minutes – not days or weeks. Our simple startup process uses a straight-forward industry-standard data structure called Dublin Core, which allows even untrained volunteer staff to get started fast. Once established, staff can build multiple data structures for different collections or item types. 

Smart workflows & sleek UI

You have full control and flexibility to design workflows around your needs, whether you need to customize controls for certain staff, or implement review/approval cycles. Plus, our beautiful interface allows for quick and robust searches (with filter and browse options) that can be shared via email or social media.

Integration with existing infrastructure

MONTAGE easily integrates with any of your existing infrastructure using our open API or the Z39.50 protocol.


A sleek user interface

  • Search quickly, with terms highlighted
  • Browse for related Wikipedia-like information
  • Filter by collections, topics, dates, and formats
  • Explore via pre-formatted subject searches and topic lists
  • Share via email or social media via user-created lists 

Tech specs

  • An unlimited number of Institutions and collections supported
  • Seven layers of hierarchical sublevels are available, compliant with the international ISAD(G) archival standard
  • WCAG 2.0 AA compliant
  • Uploaded images can be optionally compressed to save storage and improve record display time
  • Integrated with Google Analytics to gather system usage information

Collection management admin

  • Batch import records or do copy cataloging
  • Easily move items from one collection to another
  • Create records with provided extended Dublin Core template or easily create custom metadata templates for different types of collections or material types
  • Attach an unlimited variety of item types to a record (create compound objects)
  • Add indexed transcripts to all file types (PDFs, JPEGs, movie, sound, etc.) and if OCRed, edit the transcript with annotations or corrections
  • Create Synonym Lists to increase the relevancy of search results (useful for name changes or ‘AKA’ entries)
  • Add searchable metadata on the collection level, not just on the record level, for multiple collection types
  • Upload your own authority-controlled subject entries or create subjects dynamically to provide consistent usage of terms throughout the database. Lookup lists are created based on metadata entered for subjects, creators, media types, etc.

“[With MONTAGE]… we are now positioned to engage and meet the needs of the community, including developing new collaborations with local schools.”

Sue Gardner, Town of Warwick Deputy Historian, Albert Wisner Public Library

Success Stories

Albert Wisner Public Library

SaaS Onboarding

Auto-Graphics' SaaS-based implementations are an end-to-end, lockstep process whereby our staff provides data templates for migration requirements, extensive review of prior system data and records, quality control throughout the entire process, and periodic meetings at your convenience, leading up to the go-live for the product.   Post go-live, your library has email support; regionally-based, real-time phone support throughout North America; and web portal access to all open and closed support tickets associated with your account.

We monitor system functionality & security 24/7 for your peace of mind. 

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