Statewide Calculator

The statewide calculator estimates the staff cost savings possible when some or all libraries in the state have NCIP-compliant systems. This calculator uses an average of 10 minutes to process one interlibrary loan request.

Alternatively, you can use the Individual Library Calculator.

Enter the Average Hourly Rate:

$ per hour

Enter the total number of ILL transactions (borrowing and lending) processed in the previous fiscal year below. The system will calculate values and totals.

  Number of Transactions Processed Last Year Number of Hours to Process
Using Current System
100% of libraries have an NCIP circ. system 75% of libraries have an NCIP circ. system 50% of libraries have an NCIP circ. system 25% of libraries have an NCIP circ. system
Total Staff Costs:          
Staff Cost Savings:    


Auto-Graphics, Inc. provides the NCIP Savings Calculator (“Cost Savings Calculator”) as a service to help librarians in analyzing potential staff cost savings when implementing NCIP. The cost savings tool provides estimates. These estimates are not a guarantee of cost savings for individual libraries or on a statewide basis. A number of other factors may affect your actual savings, and, thus, your actual savings may differ from the estimates.