Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD), the leading provider of children’s and young adult literature information, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Auto-Graphics, Inc., a renowned technology solutions company. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the landscape of children’s books’ products, offering enhanced accessibility and empowering libraries and educators worldwide.

CLCD has been a trusted source for comprehensive information on children’s and young adult literature since its establishment in 1999. With an extensive collection of professional reviews, awards, the best books, and a commitment to providing valuable insights, CLCD has become an indispensable resource for librarians and educators.

Auto-Graphics is a pioneer in providing innovative technology solutions for libraries and educational institutions. Their state-of-the-art software platforms enable seamless integration and efficient management of library resources, enhancing user experiences and optimizing library operations.

This partnership between CLCD and Auto-Graphics brings together the expertise of both organizations to create an unparalleled synergy. By combining CLCD’s vast knowledge of children’s literature and Auto-Graphics’ cutting-edge technology, they will jointly enhance the experience for library patrons seeking children’s books. “We are thrilled to offer the CLCD content to greatly enhance the patron experience for our libraries.” says Paul Cope, President of Auto-Graphics, Inc. “So many parents – and kids – are looking for quality content and the information that CLCD provides allows borrowers to find exactly what they are looking for in the library or via Interlibrary Loan.”

Dr. Ajay Gupte, President of CLCD, is enthusiastic as well, “We are delighted to partner with Auto-Graphics in bringing CLCD’s comprehensive content to its various products to assist librarians and patrons in quickly finding the right children’s books and media. We share the common desire to promote quality and enhance user experience.”

The goals of this collaboration are:

  1. Unparalleled Access: By integrating CLCD’s extensive database into Auto-Graphics’ platforms, libraries and educational institutions will gain seamless access to comprehensive information related to their collection of children’s and young adult literature. This integration will provide users with in-depth book reviews, awards, author biographies, reading levels, subject classifications, and more, all at their fingertips.
  2. Streamlined Workflows: The partnership will streamline library workflows by seamlessly integrating CLCD’s data into Auto-Graphics’ platforms. This integration will enable librarians and educators to efficiently manage their collections, make informed purchasing decisions, and enhance cataloging and classification processes.
  3. Empowering Readers and Educators: The enhanced Auto-Graphics children’s books’ products will empower readers and educators by providing them with rich and diverse resources to support literacy and learning. Access to CLCD’s extensive database will enable personalized recommendations, reading lists, and tailored search functionalities, fostering a love for reading among children and young adults.

Both CLCD and Auto-Graphics are thrilled about the possibilities this partnership brings to the world of children’s literature. By leveraging their respective strengths, they aim to shape the future of children’s books’ products, making them more accessible, engaging, and impactful.

For more information about CLCD, please visit www.clcd.com. To learn more about Auto-Graphics and their innovative technology solutions, visit www.auto-graphics.com.

About CLCD: Children’s Literature Database (CLCD) is the leading provider of comprehensive children’s and young adult literature information. Founded in 1999, CLCD offers an extensive collection of book reviews, awards, reading levels, subject classifications, and more, catering to the needs of booksellers, libraries, and educators worldwide.

Auto-Graphics, Inc. has been an industry leader in library management and resource sharing software for 50 years. A-G was the first to provide Cloud-based library resource sharing solutions. Our fully integrated suite of library software products is continually improved and enhanced to address the ever-changing needs of the library community. All A-G products meet ISO and NISO standards and are available through a cloud-based delivery model. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.auto-graphics.com/and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest news.