Modern digital collection workflow and controlled vocabulary to improve search results

ONTARIO, Calif. — October 8, 2018 – Auto-Graphics, Inc. announces the completion of the South Dakota State Library integration of MONTAGEdc, upgrading their digital collection system from ContentDM.  The South Dakota State Library is located in Pierre, South Dakota, and their new MONATGEdc digital collection software is provided via SaaS, enjoying 24/7 uptime, security, support, and automatic software updates.

The digital collections at the South Dakota State Library range from featured historical collections such as Reports of the Attorney General, Legislative Manuals, Supreme Court Reports, newspaper articles, photographs, and even a collection about South Dakota libraries.  Using the controlled vocabulary list in MONTAGEdc instead of a dynamic vocabulary will help the State Library avoid metadata cataloging errors associated with cataloging the various historical documents, which is important because those types of cataloging mistakes lead to poor search results.

During the migration of the PDF digital files A-G consolidated individual page PDF files into a single document vs. storing the individual pages as compound objects. By consolidating the individual pages into a single document and indexing the content of the document a cleaner and more relevant search result set is produced

“It was a straight forward conversion,” states Eric Jung, MONTAGEdc Product Manager.  A-G used the ContentDM API to harvest 294,199 PDF files which were consolidated into 2,387 PDF documents, in addition, 325 JPEG images were also harvested. The XML metadata-export contained 2,712 records which were imported into MONTAGEdc using our standard Dublin Core template. After the metadata was loaded the PDF documents and JPEG images were matched and linked to the metadata in MONTAGEdc. Initially, the conversion was planned for 90 days, but due to time constraints, we were able to migrate the entire systems in less than 30 days.

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