Agent Information Software (AIFS), the parent company of Auto-Graphics, Inc. (A-G), has released third quarter 2021 financials.

2021 continues to “mirror” 2020 results through the third quarter, with sales and net income showing little change – 2021 sales of $3,891k and net income of $244k. Year-end cash flow models show a slight improvement over 2020. AIFS reported EPS of $0.05 on weighted average shares outstanding of 4,682,910.

Auto-Graphics continues its focus on investment and improvements in our products through additional development/programming enhancements. These efforts will result in superior products containing features and advancements for the library community.

Auto-Graphics has continued to evolve and address unique demands from libraries in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. By adapting smart workflows and implementing more automated functionality to its products, they have been able to assist libraries in maintaining daily administration and serving their communities with minimal interruption.

Auto-Graphics, Inc. has been an industry leader in library management and resource-sharing software for over 50 years. All A-G products meet ISO and NISO standards and are available through a cloud-based delivery model (SaaS – “Software as a Service.”) For more information, visit A-G on their website at www.auto-graphics.com, or on Facebook and LinkedIn.