COVID-19 Response

As Auto-Graphics (A-G) responds to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority. The pandemic sweeping the country is a situation many of us have never experienced and is causing the closure of public facilities, disrupting communities. A-G is committed to safe working principles for our libraries, our staff, and the industry. We are adjusting our business to minimize the impacts and spread of the COVID-19. We are carefully monitoring and following the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, and the State of California’s Department of Health.

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Patron-initiated, Statewide and Consortial Resource Sharing Solution

SHAREit is a resource sharing solution enabling traditional interlibrary loan (ILL) and integrated library system (ILS) workflows to coexist. Over 6,000 libraries in 14 states are using SHAREit for resource sharing.


Automated, Integrated, Library Management Software (ILS)

VERSO is a powerful public library management software option for libraries with small to large circulations. Production-tested and proven, the VERSO integrated library system (ILS) helps libraries efficiently manage their physical and digital eContent resources, and improves patron information discovery.


The Industry’s Easiest to Use Digital Collection Management Solution

MONTAGE provides simplified, template-driven, standards-based digital collections management enabling quick and easy digital collection creation while accommodating a variety of digital asset and archival needs.

Federated Search Solution

RESEARCHit is a federated search solution for researchers that saves time by enabling users to simultaneously search across multiple content resources and view a combined results set.

Auto-Graphics, a provider of library resource sharing systems, digital collection and integrated library software (ILS), believes that the more libraries fully engage and make available their tools and information, the more central the library becomes in the lives of their communities. The 100% web-based AGent Software Platform is designed to help libraries manage their collections and services, while enabling their patrons to easily search and access library resources.


“With SHAREit…our interlibrary loan fulfillment rate has increased from 67% to 81% in a year’s time…And we were able to illustrate an $8.1M purchasing savings due to increased resource sharing.”
Maryam Phillips, Executive Director, HSLC

“SHAREit’s hybrid model allows us to meet the diverse needs of the public and post-secondary libraries we serve.”
Sunni Nishimura, Manager, Resource Sharing & Arca Collaborative Digital Repository, BC Electronic Library Network

“SHAREit is used by our libraries across Tennessee for both cataloging and interlibrary loan services. It’s easy to use and provides essential services.”
Jennifer Cowan-Henderson, Director of Planning and Development, Tennessee State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries

“VERSO has streamlined a lot of our cataloging…I do recommend Auto-Graphics and VERSO.”
Carol Barta, Assistant Director, North Central Kansas Library System

“I have loved Auto-Graphics’ VERSO. I think it’s very searchable, easy to use, and easy to train our staff on.”
Andrea Estelle, Library Director, Otsego District Library

“I can catalog 30 books a day and still run my library. VERSO is great for a mid-sized public library – it has an easy to use staff dashboard and is reasonably priced.”
Mary Hill, Library Director, Hillsdale Community Library

“[With MONATGEdc]…we are now positioned to engage and meet the needs of the community, including developing new collaborations with local schools.”
Sue Gardner, Town of Warwick Deputy Historian, Albert Wisner Public Library