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SHAREit’s open platform has provided a tremendous advancement over the past 25 years with the development of cloud-based resource sharing back in 1994. SHAREit facilitates the interconnectivity of disparate systems, providing consortia the ability to simultaneously interface with multiple ILS and ILL systems. SHAREit interoperates with all major resource sharing systems, including OCLC WorldCat resource sharing, ILLiad, Relais, VDX and the Library and Archives Canada’s ILL system (generic script).
SHAREit helps libraries significantly reduce the amount of staff time spent on managing borrowing and lending activities, greatly improving staff workflow, and patron satisfaction, while reducing acquisition costs. It supports and manages staff-initiated ILL transactions plus mediated or unmediated patron-initiated ILL transactions. Libraries with different local automation systems can share resources with one another, regardless of their collection size or automation system.

Seamlessly accommodates different ILS and ILL systems

This seamless integration creates a level playing field for all consortium members, allowing for easy implementation within any one of four environments, depending on the consortium’s needs:

Physical Union Database

Auto-Graphics merges each consortium member’s online catalog into a single physical union catalog, presenting deduplicated records.

Virtual database system

Auto-Graphics enables federated searching, Z39.50 and HTTP-based searching of virtual databases and presents merged, deduplicated and sorted results.

Hybrid database system

Auto-Graphics pioneered the hybrid model, which allows consortium members to contribute their records to a union database, while still allowing other members to participate using the virtual or offline system – all within one environment.


Auto-Graphics created this unique offline, self-contained resource sharing solution for correctional institutions, enabling prison inmates to request library books that aren’t in their local prison library.


SHAREit is compliant with VPAT/Section 508 and all library standards – including NCIP and ISO ILL.

Supports efficient request generation, fulfillment and management and offers a number of unique features:

Mediated and unmediated patron-initiated ILL requests

Supports staff mediated requesting, as well as patron-initiated requesting, which offers patrons the flexibility to place and track requests either locally or from a remote location.

Patron authentication

SHAREit supports SIP, SIP2, NCIP and EzProxy to enable remote system patron authentication to a local ILS, patron file, or the patron database.


SHAREit accepts ILL requests sent in OpenILL format, a communications protocol designed to simplify transmission and processing of ILL requests.

Dynamic routing of requests to an unlimited number of lenders

SHAREit is designed to support an unlimited number of preferred trading partners and their respective lending policies, offering eight load-leveling request routing algorithms. Send requests to preferred lenders first, use a fully randomized list of lenders, or use a combination of options.

Network handling

Save staff time and shipping costs by specifying local libraries as network lenders. For items available in-network, patrons will be automatically redirected to the local catalog to place a hold.

Request fulfillment via OCLC

SHAREit can substantially lower ILL costs by allowing libraries to send requests to OCLC only as a last resort.

Multi-copy requests

Staff can initiate multiple numbers of requests for the same title through one simple step, allowing libraries to support services such as book clubs and study groups with minimal staff involvement.

Streamlines searches for requests by request number

The system enables staff members to search for active transactions using the unique request number.

InterSystem Sharing Initiative (ISSI)

ISSI allows regional SHAREit systems to trade resources, giving libraries access to more potential lenders and increasing request fulfillment.

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