Powerful Public Library Management Software – For libraries with small to large circulations

Brought to you by a company that has delivered many industry firsts, the AGent Software Platform delivers an unmatched library software platform and premium support, and an “no sunset” ecosystem, which means Auto-Graphics always provides the next generation product for any customer including conversion of data if needed at NO cost.  Production-tested and proven, the VERSO integrated library system (ILS) helps libraries efficiently manage their physical and digital eContent resources, and improves patron information discovery.

VERSO provides localization and centralization options from look, feel, and branding, to functionality and transaction policies. The VERSO product family meets the requirements of library systems ranging in size and composition from a very small library, a single branch library and multi-branch mid-tier library systems, to diverse multi-branch consortia. And your patrons will enjoy the many benefits of VERSO, such as being able to search eContent and physical books with a single search.

We have configured VERSO into four different packages, in order to deliver the best value to your library.



VERSO provides the fully configurable ILS that can be set-up and defined specifically for the more complex or diverse library with larger staff, more diverse users, collections, and requirements.



Provides a simplified, turnkey solution for very small circulating libraries.



Provides a simplified solution for a single branch library.


VERSO Consortia

Provides localization and centralization options to diverse consortia.

100% Web-based VERSO core modules include:

  • OPAC with clustered, aggregated title presentation
  • OPAC offers 21 facets, configurable by the library
  • Patron empowerment tools in My Account
  • A single workflow for ebooks and physical books
  • Circulation (including Offline Circulation module)
  • Cataloging (full MARC editor)
  • Core administrative reports and Statistics
  • Administrative Configuration in User Admin, PAC Admin, Cataloging ADMIN, and CIRC Admin



Many statewide and region-wide library systems use Auto-Graphics’ SHAREit as their resource sharing or interlibrary loan (ILL) system. VERSO and SHAREit are seamlessly integrated using Circulation Interlibrary Loan Link (CILL), which allows patrons to be automatically authenticated to initiate their own ILL requests, freeing library staff from having to perform time-consuming ILL functions. CILL uses NCIP-compliant processes to allow direct interconnectivity between SHAREit and VERSO

Unique in the industry, as part of the AGent Software Platform, this direct interconnectivity enables SHAREit and VERSO to automatically place and fulfill incoming requests that are received from other libraries. If your patrons place requests for materials you don’t own, the VERSO CILL functionality handles the process of placing interlibrary loan requests, reducing clicks and saving staff time. VERSO’s use of NCIP-compliant processes minimizes the number of steps needed to borrow and lend materials, using ILL statuses to trigger appropriate VERSO circulation tasks automatically.

States and consortia using the powerful and unique SHAREit/VERSO CILL combination to power their libraries enjoy:

  • Improved patron satisfaction with faster receipt of titles they want
  • Simplified and efficient staff workflow managing ILL requests – up to 50% time savings
  • Increased ILL fulfillment rates
  • Reduced acquisition costs

Auto-Graphics leverages its decades of experience in providing resource sharing products to bring efficiencies to your library.

National and international standards supported:

  • Patron authentication using SIP2 or NCIP protocols
  • Z39.50 client/server for remote searching
  • MARC (Z39.2 and ISO 2709)
  • Z39.89 US National Profile
  • Z39.83 National Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) patron lookup, self-checkout and PC booking
  • Z39.71 holdings statements for bibliographic Items
  • NCIP-compliant Circulation Interlibrary Loan Link (CILL)
  • SIP2 third-party patron authentication, self-checkout, materials handling, PC reservation, and print management
  • ISO 10160/10161 resource sharing
  • EDI 850, 855, and 810 messages to book vendors
  • API/Web services

VERSO Multi-branch, Consortia, and Express libraries have many customization options available, including:

  • Library control over look and feel (color, wording, and layout) of OPAC screens
  • Library ability to customize splash screen branding and presentation through a selection of widgets
  • Library control of search results presentation: clustered or merged, gallery or list defaults
  • Library control of facets and how they present filtered results

The Patron’s User Experience is improved by VERSO features such as Virtual Shelf Browse, search typeahead, and the presentation of enhanced content (cover art, summaries, tables of contents, etc.) from either Syndetics or Content Café.

Additional services which provide a personalized user experience for your Patrons are:

  • Active Alerts current awareness email service
  • Buy, borrow, suggest library materials option
  • Lib2Home homebound services (optional module)
  • Persistent URLS on search results so the user can easily share library material information
  • Search results delivery through RSS feeds
  • Title or Item Level Holds
  • Virtual shelf browse
  • Novelist Select referrals to similar titles
  • Outbound links to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

MARCit bibliographic services:

With MARCit, Auto-Graphics provides a full array of bibliographic, data processing and consultative services to libraries.

MARCit enables public libraries to share (copy catalog) over 30 million quality bibliographic records. Utilizing our proven web-based technology, MARCit provides catalogers with a single point of access to the Library of Congress databases and other user-contributed cataloging resources in a federated search environment which significantly streamlines throughput. Library staff search and download records through an easy-to-use interface at a fraction of the leading cooperative’s price.  Services include:

  • MARC full authority control
  • MARC record deduplication and consolidation
  • MARC record enhancement services
  • Custom bibliographic processing
  • Non-MARC record custom processing for pre-ILS migration
  • Custom non-MARC record services


Auto-Graphics has processed more than one billion records since we began offering batch record services more than 40 years ago. Currently, Auto-Graphics provides record processing for over 50 million MARC records per year and has the capacity to process over one million records per day. With an experienced project management staff dedicated to complex record processing services, Auto-Graphics’  solution meets the processing needs of both single libraries and complex multi-library statewide consortia.

Third party partners:

Auto-Graphics’ partners provide enhanced content that seamlessly integrates into our existing products and service offerings to ensure that our customers always receive the most value possible. View the Auto-Graphics Partner List.

Disability standards:

VERSO is compliant with CPAT/Section 508 standards regarding web accessibility, and with many library industry standards relating to interoperability.

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